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hello! my name is Jennifer Sikorski. welcome to my blog. i started this to share my life and interests with like-minded moms. i am 31 and have 3 beautiful children + 2 lovable fur babes. i am married to my best friend, adam. i am a proud law enforcement officer (leo for short) wife. our life is unique, to say the least.

we live in rural Pennsylvania, about 1 hour south of pittsburgh. we love our quiet, sleepy town!

our kids are involved in the usual activities–i’m a proud cheer, dance, soccer, baseball, and softball mom. adam and i believe fitness and participation in extracurricular activities are vital to our parenting goals. we do stress academics, too. however, we feel what is learned outside of the classroom is just as important.

i turned 30 and felt the time ticking away. i watched my babies turn into children before my eyes. i decided to focus on my passions. i love being a mom. i am devoted to fitness and healthy eating. my goal is to compete in at least one bodybuilding show. and i love, love, love lipsense. yes i am a senegence distributor. i love our products and you will see my love for lipsense throughout the blog. i graduated from west virginia university with a degree in journalism. i enjoy writing and sharing stories. i am happy to say i finally found my niche in mom blogging.

i thank you for taking the time to check out my page. this is a work in progress. please leave feedback. ask me questions. i so look forward to hearing from all of you.