v-taper workout. create a sexy, sculpted back with this workout.

blast back fat. create a sexy, lean v-taper with this workout.

so here i am.  i am one month into my figure competition training.  so far, so good.  i checked my measurements two weeks in.  i am down 5 inches total.  i have actually GAINED 6 pounds!  who knew?  the hardest part is learning to balance being a stay at homemom, wife, and my gym schedule.  there are days that are harder than others, but i’m pushing through.my goal right now is fat loss.  i am still on fasted cardio first thing in the morning after 1 cup of coffee.  my weightlifting is mid-afternoon.  i am still higher reps, lower weight load, and minimal rest time in between sets.  and right now, i am really focusing on developing the tapered v in my back.
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your v-taper makes your body look well-proportioned.  it gives balance to your upper and lower body.  your waist looks smaller, too.  and who wouldn’t want that?

your lats (latissimus dorsi) create the beautiful v-shape in your back.  it is important to focus on your lower traps and abs while building your lats.  they go hand in hand.

V-Taper Workout


superset: chin-up assists, 16-20 reps; ab crunches 30 reps. 3 sets.
superset: bent-over barbell row, 16-20 reps; seated row, 16-20 reps.
superset: back extensions, 16-25 reps; lower abs leg lift on bench, 16-25 reps.
dumbbell pullover, 16-20 reps.
cardio 25 min, brisk walking or elliptical

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bodybuilding.com has a great exercise database.  it is my go-to for instructions and video examples of each exercise.

lat exercises must be done carefully and correctly.  work on your mind-body connection.  really think about the muscle group you are working.  i like to make sure i get a full extension of my lats in these exercises–especially the dumbbell pullover.  healthy, strong lats will increase lean muscle mass.  you will be a fat burning machine.  keep up the amazing work.  your motivation keeps me motivated. xoxo