5 steps to self-care. taking care of you is ok, too.

self-care? i never valued the importance of self-care at the beginning of motherhood. i began my role as a mom at the young age of 23. i loved being a young mom. my first 2 children are 10 months apart. they are the same age for 6 weeks. i know, i know. what was i thinking, right?  to be honest, i wouldn’t do it any other way.  however, i think  being so young left the odds ever in my favor. their early years (newborn-toddler were a breeze!) i swear, the morning i turned 30, everything changed. i felt the weight of all the responsibility and worry suffocating me. the end of my 20s and beginning of my 30s brought anxiety, depression, OCD, and feeling empty. it was time to give up the mom guilt and take care of myself again.Read More

v-taper workout. create a sexy, sculpted back with this workout.

blast back fat. create a sexy, lean v-taper with this workout.

so here i am.  i am one month into my figure competition training.  so far, so good.  i checked my measurements two weeks in.  i am down 5 inches total.  i have actually GAINED 6 pounds!  who knew?  the hardest part is learning to balance being a stay at homemom, wife, and my gym schedule.  there are days that are harder than others, but i’m pushing through.Read More

like apple pie protein bars-egg free, dairy free, and oil free

apple pie protein bars egg-free dairy-free allergy-friendly recipe healthy protein snack

i’m coming up on 3 weeks of training for my show.  i feel well adjusted to my diet changes.  i searched for some easy meal options.  the protein bars ready-made are loaded in sugars and extra carbs.  added sugars do not fit into my meal plan.  added sugars would kill my fitness goal, too.  i decided to experiment in the kitchen today.  i threw together some yummy, clean ingredients and came up with this!Read More

7 teacher appreciation week gift ideas

i’m taking a break from the usual fitness post today.  my daughter reminded me National Teacher Appreciation Week is soon.  National Teacher Appreciation Week is May 8-May 12 this year.  the National Education Association celebrates National Teacher Day “as a day for honoring teachers and recognizing the lasting contributions they make in our lives.”Read More

5 gym bag must-haves

5 gym bag must have gym bag essentials shaker cup protein skin care earbuds

i miss my 20s at times.  life was so care-free.  i would walk my happy butt into the gym with only my water, protein, and iPod–it was well before the smart phone era.  i am totally showing my age with the iPod reference.  i now rock my gym bag like a mother(of 3). i make an attempt to be prepared/organized.  it’s not always perfect, but i never leave home without these 5 things stashed in my gym bag.Read More

5 total body moves for your stroller workout

happy monday all you lovelies.  i hope everyone enjoyed another fabulous weekend.  i am thrilled spring is finally here.  we braved a winter storm on friday.  we enjoyed a beautiful 80* sunny day by sunday.  the weather here in pennsylvania is straight up hormonal.Read More