i am passionate about fitness and health. i trained clients and taught group fitness for many years.  i had problems with severe asthma flares for about two years. it put a lot of stress and worry into my workouts. luckily, my amazing team of doctors got me back on the right track.

i am in contest prep mode right now.  my goal is to compete in figure.  i go to the gym 5-6 days a week.  it is my therapy.  i’m blessed with my swolemate that shares the same fitness goals.  adam competed in bodybuilding shows.  i’m lucky to have a partner who can keep me motivated.

i concentrate on strength training and various forms of cardio, steady state and HIIT.  i’ll share my favorite workouts, protein shakes, fitness accessories and more!  what are some of your favorite workouts?  i’m always up for a challenge!  follow my fitness board on pinterest.  it’s full of ideas to keep you motivated and going strong.

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